What’s the most important aspect of your site?

As a Surrey web designer and developer I know that there are different aspects to a website and that it takes time and costs money to get these right. But – what is the most important aspect of your site? Well this is an interesting and widely discussed issue. Is the most important element of […]

Back-up to the future

I have just changed my blog platform to WordPress and this is an interesting post from my old blog dated, July 2008: << Here’s some free computing advice from webZeppelin (we specialise in web design for Surrey); Stop whatever you are doing and back-up your entire hard disk this instant. I mean it! If you […]

Is your website ‘on the road’?

A website is no longer a shop window – it’s a travelling salesman. Not long ago all you needed was a website and you had a shop window to display your goods to the world. It gave you access to a vast audience that, through search engine technology, actually came to you, pre-defined with an […]