Back-up to the future

I have just changed my blog platform to WordPress and this is an interesting post from my old blog dated, July 2008:

<< Here’s some free computing advice from webZeppelin (we specialise in web design for Surrey); Stop whatever you are doing and back-up your entire hard disk this instant. I mean it!

If you have just done it! Do it again. And if you haven’t done it recently (or worse still you haven’t done it at all) do what I say and BACK-UP RIGHT NOW!

You may well ask do I or have I backed-up? Well the answer is no. I admit it. I used to back-up regularly but I got lazy, my resolve weakened I started hanging out with the wrong sort (people who didn’t back-up) and I let things slip.

I missed a back-up here and there and pretty soon I wasn’t backing up at all!

I thought, ‘I’ve been using a computer since the writing was green and I’ve always managed to get away with it.’ That was until a few weeks ago! The hard disc on my Mac vanished along with 80GB of data and and about ten years work! I couldn’t believe it – this was something that only ever happened to someone else. But happens! And it happened to me.

I couldn’t work for two weeks, had to buy a new computer and had several sleepless nights. Fortunately I got the data back with the help of Retrodata (and I can’t thank them enough) but the whole process has left me psychologically scarred and a born again back-up evangelist.

So don’t ignore my advice. Your health and psychological well being depend on it.

Back-up, back-up, back-up. Back-up right now and if you haven’t got another disc to back-up to. Go out and buy one. A good size external drive will set you back less than¬† ¬£100 and will be money well spent. >>

The interesting thing is – it’s two years on and I have been too busy at webzeppelin to take my own advice….