What’s the most important aspect of your site?

As a Surrey web designer and developer I know that there are different aspects to a website and that it takes time and costs money to get these right. But – what is the most important aspect of your site?

Well this is an interesting and widely discussed issue. Is the most important element of your website the content or is it SEO? It’s a classic chicken and egg question. Should you spend your time and money getting visitors to your site or should you concentrate on content and conversion?

Of course the real answer, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your site, is to find the balance between both. But if I had to pick one above the other my money is on SEO. Why? Because if no one knows you are there, however much you polish web page copy and carefully construct your site navigation it will not lead to sales conversions because no one will be visiting your site.

My view is that you should develop a longer term strategy and do one thing after the other. Firstly build site traffic through on and off-site SEO (and ensure the site has Google Analytics embedded to monitor this). And then optimise the website content (and again Google Analytics can help with this) to push the traffic to your conversion/sales pages.

Of course, the next question is – how do I build site traffic through off-site SEO?

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