The changing face of SEO

Everyone knows that SEO is essential if you want your site to rank well in organic search results. Having an effective SEO strategy relating to keywords, site updates, metatags and backlinks is the key to success. But devising this strategy can be a problem because it can take weeks or months for this work to influence your search engine rankings and so it is difficult to evaluate exactly what part of your strategy is effective.

In addition to this the playing field is in a state of constant flux and it can be a full-time job keeping up with the changes in search engine algorithms and consumer trends. I am looking at this from the industry perspective when I say this and I have over 10 years of experience, so for a website owner to try to optimise their own site (as well as run their own business) is a big challenge.

What has changed?
The interesting thing is that the changes to the way people behave on the web and the way search engine companies react is a part of the way the web works. That hasn’t changed. Technology drives the process and people have an avaricious appetite for new hardware and services. The successful one are snapped up as soon as they become available and something that didn’t exist 6 months ago becomes the norm, overnight! Many changes are obvious such as the growing influence of social media but there are also other more subtle changes that are harder to spot.

There seems to be a change in the value of backlinks as a result of the social media and an increase in the importance of page load speed. Search engines are now giving preference to faster sites with cleaner, less bloated code as they seek to provide support for mobile search. In fact mobile search is growing at such a rate that it is predicted to be the largest sector of the search market by the end of this year.

There is constant change and evolution on the web. As a site owner you will struggle to deal with DIY SEO if you are not prepared to keep on top of these changes! So the best course of action is to hand your SEO over to someone who is.

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