Does Facebook Advertising really work?

There’s a debate currently as to whether Facebook Advertising is really cost effective, or even achieves anything at all. In recent research only 37% of Facebook advertisers felt their ads were successful. But when you look into this there is a lack of clarity with regards to how exactly to quantify success on a platform like Facebook.

Facebook ads provide comprehensive statistics that allow you to easily gauge ROI. But there are fundamental differences between social ads and conventional advertising. The cost-per-click and number of actions that can be quantified for a given period when you run a Facebook ad campaign are only part of the picture. What is not quantifiable and what makes social advertising different is relationship building.

Your Facebook audience grows over time and as you develop the relationship your advertising can offer a repetitious but familiar message which can have a cumulatively effect. Statistics can’t accurately quantify an increase in brand awareness and goodwill. Not only that but the detailed data Facebook advertising provides actually helps you to understand your target market better.

Facebook advertising is almost certainly worth having as a part of your marketing mix but don’t judge it on the cpc, look at it as a long-term investment.