Mobile devices now used for over half of Google searches

hand held mobile phone

In a recent study it was revealed that the number of smartphone owners had nearly doubled since 2011, up from 35% to 64% of internet users. In reference to this a Google commentator said, “Billions of times per day, consumers turn to Google and at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.”

Mobile devices are becoming the norm and Google has already been taking steps to address this. Google have new guidelines in place to reward sites that offer a good mobile user experience and are effectively penalising sites that do not. Site owners have been warned if their sites are not satisfactory so there’s no excuse.

Mobile phones, phablets and tablets are the order of the day. And if you want your site to rank well in a Google search on these devices, it is essential that its content is optimised for smaller screens. Google has laid out all of the necessary information and tools and webZeppelin can help you to deliver a mobile friendly website that will take advantage of this.