New Year Message

Considering the fact that it is still Winter the weather is not too bad. In fact you could almost feel optimistic for the future if it wasn’t for the oppressive weight of Brexit hanging in the air and providing the bleakness that Winter has failed to deliver.

We have been doing consultancy work and marketing support for a number of clients over the past year and expect this to continue in 2019. In addition to this we had several web development projects including a re-designed of the website for RR Paice & Co. A long-standing client, the owner of Paice & Co wanted more control with a CMS. The WordPress platform was the ideal choice and we designed the new site to take full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer.

So what is the outlook for the new year from the point of view of webZeppelin? In spite of the lack of economic confidence brought about by the failure to resolve Brexit, life goes on. We have some projects in the pipeline and we are looking forward to the brighter days of Spring and Summer.

Happy New Year from webZeppelin.