What we did in Lockdown #1

There is some discussion as to whether the first lockdown began on 16 March 2020, when Matt Hancock stated that all unnecessary social contact should cease, or the 23 March when Boris Johnson told the country that people must stay at home. Ether way lockdown lasted for around seven or eight weeks (and there are still restrictions) but, fortunately, at webZeppelin we have been able to continue our work.

The great thing about the digital age is that it is not necessary to go into an office to do your job. In fact forced to stay at home working on a computer at my desk has allowed me to concentrate on our most recent project. Interestingly this has been undertaken with absolute social distancing. Brant, our client, are based in Peterborough and we are in Surrey and we have never actually met in person. All our dealings have been via conference calls and by email or telephone.

We have just completed the new website and Mark and Ian Brant, the owners have given us a 5 star review on Google. The website is a great success and a very good demonstration of our ability to take a brief and work remotely. Our initial consultation is free of charge so if you want to talk about a website project just give us a call onĀ 020 3287 2223.

Brant Construction Quantum Experts’ website can be seen here: www.brantassociates.com/