WordPress makes site collaboration easy

I have just completed some consultancy work for Clean Clothes Campaign an international NGO based in Amsterdam. They asked me to collaborate on a WordPress site they were building to commemorate the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013. It was an urgent job that had to be completed by a certain date. I helped set up the form workflow and configured the form response database table to display on the landing page.

The interesting thing about this project was that I worked on the entire job over a period of 7 consecutive days from start to finish; all remotely from my desk in West Byfleet, in leafy Surrey. There was coordination with Bangladesh as the site was Bi-Lingual and further collaboration from New York (from another organisation with a shared interest) and work continued on the site while I was in bed! We were able to conduct all our communication by email, phone or video-chat.

No one needed to travel to meetings which saved time, expense and was good for the environment. It all went very well and was a great demonstration of how successful remote collaboration can be. In June of last year I published a post to say I had just completed a website for Brant, a commercial client based in Peterborough, that I had never met. And this reminded me that it’s great to meet a client face to face, but in these days of video conferencing and shared screen space it’s quite possible to build a website without ever doing so!

Visit the website: ranaplazaneveragain.org/