WordPress leading the way in 2023

WordPress is the CMS that, web designers, webZeppelin have been using to build websites for many years. It has millions of users world wide and an army of contributors who ensure its stability and security by updating code, debugging and providing help and backup for the WordPress community.

Research released this year emphatically shows just how dominant WordPress still is in 2023. The most eye-catching statistics reveal WordPress is used by more than 43% of all websites on the internet. But significantly and perhaps even more impressively WordPress is the CMS of choice for close to 65% of all CMS websites.

We recommend WordPress to our clients because we know it will allow us to build a great website for them. It’s easy to use and flexible. There are over 60,000 plugins to provide almost any functionality that may be required. And if you do choose a WordPress website you’ll be in good company. Brands like Adobe, Vogue, Disney, Microsoft and Sony all use WordPress.

Find out for yourself why it’s so popular; search ‘WordPress.org’ online.