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Google claims that its index now contains hundreds of billions of web pages, so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to ensure your site ranks well in the search engine results pages.

On-site SEO is included as part of the webZeppelin web development service. We upload an xml sitemap, use mobile friendly responsive website design and prepare search engine friendly copy and much more.

You can be confident that our Search Engine Optimisation will help your website to become an invaluable marketing tool that makes a real contribution to your business.

As an additional service we also provide off-site SEO for a fixed monthly fee. We provide this service both for websites we develop and for existing sites that need improved SEO.

Case Study

The GC Advertising website was optimised by webZeppelin some years ago. To demonstrate how effective this optimisation was please try this - enter the search terms: "London advertising and marketing consultants" in a Google search box.

You will see that the listing for GC Advertising appears in position 1 on page 1 of the search engine organic results. This is at the top of a list of around 18 million websites.

To find out more about what our SEO could do for you call or submit the contact form below.

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