Has Microsoft Edge got the Edge

Various sources have reported that, for the first time, in August 2019 the market share of Edge overtook that of Internet Explorer (IE) on the PC platform. This sounds good but taken in context it is not such a great achievement. In the ‘league table’ Edge now takes third place above IE (in fourth) but […]

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Another Surrey web design for webZeppelin

WebZeppelin build websites for clients in Surrey and recently updated their own site on the WordPress platform. Presented as a multi-page display website it is designed to showcase the marketing focus behind our web design and development. It takes advantage of the content management system (CMS) that is central to WordPress and incorporates a house […]

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WordPress – not just for blogging

One of the most popular web publishing platforms in the world, WordPress, is more that just a blogging tool. Using Open Source software WordPress can be used, very successfully to design and build beautiful, functional websites. With thousands of plugins, it can be customised to suit most requirements, but best of all, the blogging engine […]